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Singspiration Sensations


     In September 2012, we released our very first ever church CD project. It has 21 songs from our special singers including a song from the Open Bible Assembly Choir. Tracks are listed below. From barn-burners to ballads, from bluegrass to pure Southern Gospel, you are sure to enjoy the very first release from Open Bible Assembly - Singspiration Sensations.

Go to The Kent Curtis Family Store to order your copy today for a donation of $10.00.

Track List:

1) Intro ~ Featuring: Pastor Kent Curtis


2) Look What the Lord Has Done ~ 
    Featuring: Open Bible Assembly Choir
    Soloists: Brenda Gore & Tabitha Floyd


3) Child of the King 
    Featuring: Brenda Gore


4) Jesus Is Coming News
    Featuring: Bobby Hipshire


5) I'll Fly Away 
    Featuring: Amber Wheeler


6) Take Up Thy Cross
    Featuring: Gene & Susie Hill


7) Look For Me 
    Featuring: Buddy & Belinda Boatman 
                   w/ Will Stokes


8) Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) 
    Featuring: Tabitha Floyd


9) God On the Mountain 
    Featuring: Connie Wright


10) Here I Am 
      Featuring: Helen Rolens


11) That I Could Still Go Free 
      Featuring: Larry & Millie Thaxton


12) Have You Had a Gethsemane? 
      (Recitation) ~ Featuring: Irma Shattuck


13) God Walks the Dark Hills
      Featuring: Will Stokes


14) Is My Lord Satisfied With Me? 
      Featuring: Shirley Proctor & 
                     Josephine Wheeler


15) Guardian Angel 
      Featuring: Mike Hooper 
                     w/ Lea Anna Curtis


16) Knowing What I Know About 
      Heaven ~ Featuring: Roxann Keel


17) Farther Along
      Featuring: Kay Sensing


18) Thank You, Lord, For Your Blessings 
      On Me ~ Featuring: Billy Lane


19) He Is Mine, And I Am His
      Featuring: Tyler Vinci


20) God Likes To Work (When Nothing 
      Else Will) ~ Featuring: Sheri Selph


21) From Heaven's Point of View 
      Featuring: Beverly Hinson


22) I'm Going Home With Jesus 
      Featuring: The Kent Curtis Family


23) Outro/Look What the Lord 
                Has Done - Reprise
      Featuring: Nathan Curtis/Open Bible 


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